Tuesday, May 26, 2009

How to control the sound volume with a wheel mouse

Volumouse provides you a quick and easy way to control the sound volume on your system - simply by rolling the wheel of your wheel mouse.

It allows you to define a set of rules for determining when the wheel will be used for changing the sound volume. For example: You can configure Volumouse to use your mouse wheel for volume control when the Alt key is hold down, when the left mouse button is down, when the mouse cursor is over the taskbar, and so on...

When the conditions that you define are not satisfied, your mouse wheel will be used for the regular scrolling tasks, exactly as before.

Wheel Mouse Rules

Each rule contains 4 basic fields:
  1. Use the wheel when: This field represents the condition of the rule. For example: if your select 'Shift key is down', this rule will be activated only while the shift key is hold down. You can also disable a rule by selecting 'Disabled' in this field.
  2. Component: This field determines that sound component that you want to control with this rule. The default and the most useful component is the 'Master Volume' of your system.
  3. Channels: The default and the most useful option in this field is 'All Channels' - which means that both right and left channels are changed to the same values. If from some reason, you want to change only one channel separately - you can use the 'Left Channel' and 'Right Channel' options. Starting from version 1.10, 'Mute / Unmute' option is also available. If you select this option, scrolling the wheel down will mute the sound, and scrolling the wheel up will unmute the sound.
  4. Steps: The number of steps added to the sound volume for each move of the mouse wheel. If you increase this number, the volume will be changed faster when you scroll the wheel.
There are also more advanced options for each rule, you can configure them by clicking the 'More...' button of the desired rule.

System Requirements

  • Windows operating system: Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, or Windows Vista. (Windows 95 is not supported)
  • Wheel mouse
  • Sound card.

Software is portable and no installation is needed. Simply download the ZIP package and extract to a folder of your choice. Launch volumouse.exe.

Developer: NirSoft

Download (portable version): http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/volumouse.zip


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