Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Top 35 Free Software Utilities for Stock Trading

One of the ways to organize your knowledge base, investigate the potentials stocks to trade, follow up your portfolio, get news, and keep the records is using the special software, designed for the convenience of investors.

The main benefit of using software assistance is that you are going to save enormous amounts of time. You will not have to spend hours behind the Yahoo or Google stock pages, or with the newspaper, interpreting the data. Some Stock Trading software utilities will be able to download all the information that you need and in no time you will find yourself with all the processed data that you require for making the right choice.

Another benefit of the software use is that it will show you cold numbers. That means that you won't be a victim of your emotions. This is a big deal in the software trading!

While all the serious software programs are quite expensive, you can find some mix of the essential features in the free software offerings as well. You might start using freeware programs, and when you get your first profits from your trading activities, you should think about upgrading your software to the full-featured programs as valuable instruments for your success development.
I am offering a list of the freeware software utilities for Stock Trading, which was published at RateItAll online rating site. Every item has brief description, website links, and rating. At the moment, there are 35 free utilities listed.

Access the list through the following link:

You can find more detailed description and analysis for some of the stock trading freeware utilities on my blog:

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