Saturday, July 25, 2009

Extracts video and audio from FLV without decompressing or recompressing

You downloaded the video clip from YouTube as not very popular, but widely used FLV format. But how can you easily extract components of this file, if you need just audio or video part of it?  FLV Extract can do that without decompressing or recompressing.

The video is saved as AVI (H.263/FLV1 and VP6/VP6F) or raw elementary stream (H.264/AVC). The audio is saved as MP3, AAC (with ADTS headers), Speex, or WAV (PCM).

In terms of the processing quality, the utility is one of the best FLV converters on the market. It does not have a fancy interface or tons of the features, you will ever hardly use. But it is incredibly precise, blazingly fast, doesn't decompress then re-compress again before producing the AVI, gives you the option for an additional separate mp3 file, and timecode file, which is essential for good editing. This program does exactly what it's supposed to (and more) without superfluous options. And... it's absolutely free.

NOTE: You cannot change the video/audio format that FLV Extract outputs. It depends on what is contained in the FLV file. If you need a different format, you'll have to use other software to convert it. Or, ffmpeg (command line) can extract from FLV and convert in one step.

NOTE: The AVIs will not play unless you have the right decoders. ffdshow-tryouts can decode FLV1 and VP6F; make sure they're enabled in its configuration dialog.

NOTE: H.264 elementary streams are not widely supported by players, but you can use DGAVCDec to load them with AviSynth for editing.

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