Saturday, July 4, 2009

Kurt Computer Recorder

Krut Computer Recorder is a free open-source screencast tool, written in Java, to record audio and video from your computer screen into .mov-files and .wav-files. It can be used to multiple educational, commercial, and sharing with friends purposes, e.g. making video tutorials or recording games. It could also be used to record streaming video and audio directly from your computer.

In addition to a movie file, the program also records separate files for audio (wav) and video (mov), to allow re-encoding to any movie format using an external encoding program.

Additional Features:

- Timer-controlled recording
- Moveable recording areas during recording
- Preview of ongoing recording
- Optional mouse pointer recording
- Record/Playback at 2 different frame rates
- Highly accurate audio-video synchronization

Running Krut on Windows

Here are some quick instructions on how to run the program on the newer versions of Windows. You need to have Java installed, but there is a good chance that you already do. To run the program, it is usually sufficient to just double click on "KRUT.jar" or "krut.bat", after you have extracted the zip-archive into a folder of your choice. If you double click "KRUT.jar", and the program doesn't start, but you get a list of programs to choose from instead, you should choose the one that says "Java (something)". If double clicking does not work at all, try right clicking and see if there are any "Open With"-alternatives. If there is an "Open With -> Java (something)" alternative, that should do it.

If there is no "Open With" alternative when you right click, try to hold down a Shift-button while you right click, and see if there is an "Open With" alternative now.

If none of this works, there is probably some problem with your Java-installation. Go to a Java download site (at the time of writing, and download and reinstall your Java.


The program has been written by Jonas Ă–stby, with contributions by Kristoffer Berggren.


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